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     MYTRAINSOUNDS.COM, is your # 1 stop for high quality real live locomotive engine sound effects for all your model train sound needs. A lot goes into building an amazing Model RR layout! Each of our Five senses are key components to what makes a realistic layout! Well, maybe only two are really key, unless your really passionate and you want to include the sense of smell. Maybe your layout includes some farms, but I don't think your wife will like your layout smelling up HER house. Taste.......hmmmm....NEXT! Touch... No way!! Hands off!!
      But I digress, live recording sound effects of Locomotive and trains are what we specialize in here...for now, specifically for model rail roads. As of this moment our train sound effects stock includes 70+ hour long sound effects of some of your favorite train locomotives such as The American Locomotive Company (ALCO), Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Electric Motive Deisels, Light Steam, Articulated Steam, and MANY MANY MORE Train Sounds!
     "I have run these train sound effects for several years when running my HO scale layout. I run the sound through my old Pioneer amplifier and speakers with 12" woofers located under the layout table. Visitors are really impressed with the quality of the sound which can resonate through the room (and actually through the entire house!). They feel like they are standing next to a real operating railroad. These train sound tracks are a big improvement over "tiny" sounding synthesized sounds. These are REAL trains and locomotives!"
                                                                                    - P. Smith, Lincoln, ME

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